Space Race: Military Might in the Sky

China shot one of its own satellites out of the sky the other day. This is important because it implies that China could shoot one of our satellites out of the sky. Not that they said they would do that, far from it. China went out of its way to inform Japan and the United States of its action.

More important is that supremacy of space will determine who the next superpower is.

Controlling space means controlling the skies, communications and transportation. So China has thrown its hat in the ring. That little missile has hit a big target indeed.

Stay tuned. The fallout should be big.

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The Lazy Iguana said...

we can do the same thing. In 1985 we demonstrated to the Ruskies we could shoot down birds.

I wrote about this. What can we do? Embargo on China? Cut off our own flow of cheap goods? Bankrupt Wal-Mart? No, bad idea.

What a mess huh? We will pay for both sides of the next arms race. The Chinese are not dumb.