Steve the Poet

Econo-Girl has been reviewing her posts lately and they are all rather depressing. So time for a change of topic.

We've got someone crashing in our living room. Yes, it is the infamous Steve the Poet. As a general point of information, Steve was our dog walker until one of the dogs got away one too many times and had its leg broken. So we fired him.

Anyway, he is back for a little while until he gets on his feet again. Actually, Econo-Girl thinks Steve is quite a good poet, but like all good poets, he will be best known after his demise. And what's there to write about if he isn't suffering?

He should be gone by next Friday. We'll see how it goes.

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LaDawn said...

Did I read that correctly? You fired your dog walker because he wasn't any good at it, he then broke his leg, and now he is living with you. Can you say conspiracy? Be afraid.....be very afraid.