Celebrities and Politics

NEWSFLASH: No one cares what you think, Madonna. The same goes for Jane Fonda or any other celebrity. Yes, they will climb over each other to get a photo with you. It doesn't mean a thing. Yes, reporters will score an easy story to write about you. They don't care, either.

Just shut up and smile, for God's sake.


Anonymous said...

It got Arnold into the Governor's mansion...

The Lazy Iguana said...

Anonymous - that is because people by and large are idiots. And there were so many joke candidates, like Gary Coleman and that stripper. I would have voted for the stripper cause of the humor value.

I too with that the celebs would just sit down and shut the hell up. NOBODY cares about their view on the plight of the moose, or about "we" the not so important people need to recycle and use solar panels and crap while THEY sport around in private jets and ride in super stretch limos that get 8 MPG.

I have often said that the BEST thing that could happen to America is that nobody shows up at the stupid red carpet for the Oscars, nobody watched it on TV, not a single issue of Star Magazine is sold, Madonna walks down the street and nobody looks at her twice, and so on.

THEN we will get to hear the same people who "just want privacy" cry about how nobody wants to harass them for photos anymore.

Econo-Girl said...

OK, OK, it worked for Arnold. And that tutu-wearing guy in Minnesota. And Reagan before them. Econo-Girl can be forgiven for pushing some bad memories out of her mind.

Still, no one cares what Madonna thinks.